ponytail hats

Creators of the Original ponytail hat, our revolutionary design is athlete-specific. This beanie keeps your hair in check and your head warm while you enjoy the winter outdoors–whether you’re running, skiing, hiking or shopping. Let us worry about your hair so you don’t have to.  Our ponytail hat’s comfort and style are second to none…you’ll see!  Special orders and team orders welcome.  We also collaborate for fundraisers.  Share the love!

  • Patent-pending design: Very easy to slip on and off
  • Three fabric weights to accommodate every temp from chilly to arcticPonytail hats
  • Ponytail opening stays closed with or without your ponytail pulled through
  • Technical moisture control fabric keeps heat in and moisture out
  • Allows for a high or low ponytail
  • Every hat is hand made in the USA!


For wholesale orders or team discounts, please contact kim@poneactivewear.com

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